Liver Diseases Clinic


The Liver Clinic at Mission Hospital provides a complete range of services that include diagnosis, treatment, surgical and intervention procedures, and follow-up for patients with liver disorders. Our team of specialists, nurses and medical professionals are dedicated to serve and deliver humanize care for all the liver patients with complete medical technology and equipment.

Our Services:

The Liver clinic performs diagnosis and treatment of liver and bile duct disorders, including:

  • Consultation for liver conditions
  • Diagnosis and treatment of liver
  • Viral hepatitis, including hepatitis A, B, and C
  • Acute hepatitis
  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Fatty liver
  • Cirrhosis
  • Liver cancer
  • Consultation liver specialists regarding diagnosis and treatment options for liver cancer.
  • Consultation and recommendation on proper care and prevention of liver conditions.

  • Vaccination services for Hepatitis A and B in individuals who lack immunity and has risk factors such as a family history of liver disease, work in an environment with increased risk of contracting Hepatitis, or patients who received kidney dialysis.
  • The most appropriate treatment option will depend on the severity of the condition, the size and appearance of the cancerous cells, the stage and spread of the cancer, and the patients’ overall health. Treatment options include the following:
    • Ablation (RFA) for liver tumors, 
    • Embolization (TACE) for liver tumors,
    • Targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy(either systemic or by hepatic artery infusion), and/or radiation therapy.
    • Surgery (partial hepatectomy or transplant)

Our Specialists:

Dr. Rawisak Chanwat

Dr. Tessanee Sriprayoon

Dr. Siam Sirinthornpunya

More Specialists

Appointment / Inquiries:

Tel: (+662) 282-1100
Fax: (+662) 280-0441
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