What is Colonoscope?

Colonoscope is a standard screening procedure to check and examine inside the large intestine (Colon) and rectum.  The procedure is performed to examine for confirmation or rule out any medical complications, such as cancer, or to checkup as a preventive against colon cancer.  Colonoscope allows the doctor:

  • Look for colon polyps,
  • Find the source of unusual symptoms
  • Detect colon cancer

During the procedure, a flexible telescope called a gastroscope is inserted through colon for the screening and also may carried out minor procedure as necessary, such as:

  • Taking a small tissue sample (biopsy) for further examination and diagnosis,
  • To remove polyps.

Colonoscopy may be done to Evaluate and find the causes for the conditions, such as when:

  • Blood in the stool, pencil-thin stool,
  • Change in bowel habits, such as chronic diarrhea or often constipation,
  • Treat active bleeding from the bowel,
  • Check for colon cancer,
  • Treat colon polyps (abnormal growths on the inside lining of the intestine),
  • Feeling bowel isn’t emptying, (Always full),
  • Persistent cramps or gas,
  • Weight loss, weakness and fatigue,
  • Screening and surveillance test for people with a family history of colon cancer.

Preparation for Colonoscope

  • Before the procedure, your doctor will explain about the procedure and any possible risks associated with. 
  • You will usually be given instruction for bowel preparation to make sure the candidate is well prepared.
  • Inform the doctor or staffs for the following conditions:
    • If you are allergic to any drug or substance
    • Ask the doctor whether to continue to take any prescription medications during preparation or ship stop until after the procedure.
    • Inform the doctor about your medical condition, treatment, surgery done before.

Before the Procedure

  • The staff will inform and assist you to change into the hospital gown.
  • You will be asked to lie on your side positioning your knee close to chest on a padded examination table to get better angle of your colon.
  • You may be given a sedative injection through a vein in the arm before the procedure. (You may discuss with the doctor if you prefer to go through with or without sedation for the colonoscope procedure.)

During the Procedure

  • While you are on sedated, your doctor will insert slowly and gently the colonoscope through your anus and guide it up through the rectum and into the colon for screening, examination and evaluation to confirm or rule out present medical conditions and perform minor procedures as necessary such as biopsy, etc.
  • The whole procedure will usually takes about 40 minutes.

After the Procedure

  • After the procedure, the patient will be observed for recovery under the nurse care.
  • Once the patient is fully recovered, especially from sedation, only then will be allowed to go.
  • We do recommend the patients to be accompanied by friends or relatives, especially if the patient will undertake sedative procedure.

Cost of Colonoscopy

Package price: 17,500 Thai Baht (Includes: doctor fees, endoscope fees, OR room, etc)

Package exclude:  Additional procedures arise from complication, medicine, biopsy, etc.


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